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Hi fellows, We would like to introduce this space as a one stop shack to relax, write and thoughts on absolute and fine knowledge in science and art. We are trying to make this space more meaningful by promoting the open source concepts, developing R tutorials for analytics and many more for a passionate science researcher. 

Featured video: Marine Turtle caught by ghost fishing  

     ‘Ghost Fishing’ is what fishing gear does when it has been lost, dumped or abandoned. Nets, long lines, fish traps or any man made contraptions designed to catch fish or marine organisms are considered capable of ghost fishing when unattended, and without anyone profiting from the catches, they are affecting already depleted commercial fish stocks. Caught fish die and in turn attract scavengers which will get caught in that same net, thus creating a vicious circle. Learn more on ghost fish.org . Here, this video shows a Live example on how ghost fishing effects on marine life. This is a rescue operation done in FORV Sagarsampada  on cruises in South Eastern Arabian Sea.