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Why you became an amatuer researcher than professional?

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic”- Anonymes.

  when I heard this quote I reckon my childhood  memories. I had a friend named “Azad”. He was crazy on inventing amazing stuffs from totally garbage things. I have the same curiosity, even in my 30’s. It encouraged me a lot as a researcher. Our school days are stuffed on out of syllabus quest of knowledge, primarily on inventing things. I can’t imagine such a childhood could possible on now a days. We are lucky beings, who were lived on two millenniums(19’s and 20’s). Our circumstances made enormous situations to stay close with nature. The floods, the rain..and our curiosity drives to explore it without fear.

Fear and curiosity are two sides of a coin. Those who have the courage and intelligence/passion could tackle it efficiently. Like my childhood, everyone was born with curiosity, but they lost it eventually by time.i e, children  are born as creative minds. it is all by our fear of failure. This makes our quest of knowledge is usually end up on google/ready-made answers, rather than doing it their on way. This is a total disaster and the complete lost of new findings. There is an urging need to restore such passions, because amateurs had a golden history of innovation.

Untitled drawing

So .. let’s have a  check , how differ they  from professional.



100 % freedom You have to fulfill funding agency’s needs
No need for publishing, but it’s an added quality Publishing is must.
Mostly focused on things that works Not a must choice, can be theoretical.
Artistic , you will be satisfied by the work itself Satisfaction mostly centered on journal ratings

Everyone in this society need a professional badge to keep their earnings stable. When passion and profession are same, you will achieve greatness, otherwise you end up on stress. It is the hidden agenda of most of the governments, and all the corporate is to develop a knowledge polarized society. Then only corporate can make money and politicians got governing power.In this modern age most of the people want to be a specialist on something trendy or depends on the demand of the society they live. The choice of specialization are mostly different from their skills and interests which leads to grief. May they earn money but sorrows too.On another context modern society face several kinds of occupational disease due to this specialization.This is another way of pharmaceutical business, which is flourished enormously nowadays. Specialists mostly encounter severe struggle throughout their life when they met any accident or disability, Since they are only able to do their specialized work.Specialization is a bad thing and . . . . .

“ A specialist is a person one who know everything about something and Nothing about anything”

But some people are seemed to be interest in diverse topics.Usually called as ‘Multitalented’.But it doesn’t required any talent, it only needs interest.Interest makes everything and it is the way of being talented and better informed. Our brain is so vast to store every bit of information we usually encounter.It will eventually evolving when we do different things.So that Multiple Intelligence Quotient(MIQ) were most accepted than Intelligent Quotient(IQ).When we take the courage of doing things differently, we are seeking our own creativity too. For that we require freedom of knowledge and in this modern world we call it in another name “open source”.



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