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Why AI can’t takeover the world ?

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We are living in a society, where people are fascinated on fiction, especially the science fiction. And you could see that  it might be mostly on AI(Artificial Intelligence), there are plenty of movies on this concept, in which robots or controlling systems that take over the world (terminator/skynet systems, I robot, ………. there are “n” number of names to fill this).The point of this post is to check, is there any reality or possible probability of a conscious non living system, that can takeover the world for his own needs???.

The thing is …. according to our current knowledge…it is a BIG NO.


Before we have to think about an artificial system with intelligence, think about the real bio-systems. What makes them so unique? Learning ability?, problem solving  or intelligence?. You might get visuals of robots in YouTube, who solves complex problems with ease, and many of them are smarter than humans, even imitate the expressions too. Then what is the difference?. . .In the simpler way  , one could tell, a robot itself doesn’t have any self.


Robot doesn’t have any self-knowledge, only living beings have the knowledge of self, which we  collectively called conscious. We could imitate intelligence, learning process etc. That’s how we made the AI. AI could solve the problems effectively and logically. The term logically is important, this makes a machine do things by unbiased judgements, a very effective in decision-making. But the thing is, machines do things only by the program it sets, they have learning ability, but what for they learn?.

They always need a question to do things, and it end up when things are done.Suppose, if a robot was programmed to pluck an apple, it do as the algorithm directed, then what next?.. . .. …..program terminated. what we do on the same process? we need an apple to eat if it is a ripened one. If it is not a ripened we may not eat it, but it still depends on your hungry. The strange reason is we sometimes pluck an apple, when we don’t have any hunger, it is a matter of curiosity. So you might think that intelligence develops in a system from the environments according to the needs of the system. At a particular extend this concept it is true. Because you need an apple, which is good for your health and your energy needs, so you want the apple. ok . . .Lets consider another setup, in this you and machine(robot) were exposed to two stuffs. 1) an apple and 2) a fatty ice cream.consider the robot is a cyborg, with same digestive system as humans but CPU runs on AI. From the previous instants, we develop a better AI on the robot like apple is good, healthy etc, and in the same way about ice creams too. However both are food stuffs, you get energy from what you eat. Robot might opt for apple, there is definitely no question on that, because an apple is healthier than ice cream. But your choice could be different unless you are sick or extreme health conscience. Your decision depends  on what you feels rather than how it favours. You eat junk foods, knowing that it harms you, but still you eat because of the feel you got. It is a matter of thing you need and you actually like. And most of the time you could never answer why you like it. From this point, a definite separation of intelligence and  conscious are evolve. when you question a robot, you will never get an answer without a reason. An AI system doesn’t have any favorite colour, or can’t enjoy the music, rather it analyse the sound waves. On the other hand, Life is a conscious system, with intelligence. From my point of view, conscious was the first , and it evolves with the aid of  intelligence. Natural selection and evolution are the  continuous process to  filter conscious systems, those have the intelligence to change. Even Though Intelligence and conscious are different, they syncs and evolved complimentary. Without intelligence, the conscious system(Life) will perish. Every living things have its own intelligence to change the morphometry and lifestyle through various adaptation strategies, which in turn effects on the long-term process of evolution.

AI works in a very different way, it simply learns from the environment, do things according to the data driven biased expressions for a particular task. By doing this It never gets a feeling or satisfaction(It is just a machine!!). Usually this is done by Artificial Neural Networks(ANN), which is claim to have an imitation of neural networks of brain. It comprises the complex functions and relations of trained data that can acquire from the environment, and according to the weights of information, appropriate networks created or degraded. Beyond the ANN, a variety of machine learning techniques were used for AI, which makes it capable of doing amazing tasks with least effort and time.


But in terms of humanity and justice, AI doesn’t have any role as long as the algorithms of feelings and conscious are not developed. As the conscious system only follows what it satisfies, like a robot programmed for warfare, desired to write poetry. However If it was developed, the scenario is different too, it is like a paralysed human body moving with the aids of machines, and it blame their time for being a machine, as it needs love, attention and being unique. I think , that algorithm leads to self termination(suicide) of the AI system.So AI can’t takeover the world at least for our grandson’s generation. So be ….

stay calm, and do the work with your brain

until someone says “You work like a machine”



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