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My first experience in LINUX

Let me brief my experience in Linux to you all, basically I was a civil engineering graduate who uses computer professionally to work on CADD, STADD and for simple programming and as a leisure time tool for gaming, watching movies and for internet browsing. As an ordinary person i use windows as my platform from the time i started using computer. Days changed to month and years, windows also changed from windows XP To windows 10 and me also changed with windows as i go with the flow. I was unhappy with what i have even though i spent lot for antivirus and servicing charges my computer still runs slowly and I relaxed by thinking that these stuffs is not affecting me only but everyone.

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This problem became severe when i started my M Tech project work where i have to deal with huge data sets and their analysis became tedious as my laptop shows not responding all the time and seems my platform is taking overload and cannot process my data efficiently. Another fear that haunted me was the fear of losing data by virus attack. I was always searching for an alternative. I was unaware about other platforms and haven’t heard about it. 

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When i started working in ministry of earth science one of my friend suggested me to try LINUX. Since i was a windows user i had little bit difficulty changing but still with the help of my friend i have installed it in my computer and i have started using it. At first i was uncomfortable with it but gradually i understood its advantage and started loving it. Now i can work without fearing virus and data loss with good speed.


Now u guys will think why should i blabber about Linux so much. Once when you start using it only u would understand the limitation of windows and advantages of Linux. I am not sure whether i can explain the advantages fully. But let me say some of Linux plus point which windows cannot claim. Linux has intelligent kernel system with high level of customisation. Nowadays everybody is worried about security and here Linux provides maximum security. Linux provides two types of password, root password and login password in which root password is only for admin which ensure high security.

The best advantage that i have experienced is when i was obliged to analyse and interpret the oceanographic data which almost a huge data set of 15 years daily data. I have worked the same data with windows and with Linux. Linux gave faster response than windows. This is my experience in LINUX…and friends please do try it, you will like it

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