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The graphical Trilogy of R

R have a versatile system of plotting graphs. The R graphic system consists of 3 different groups, each have its own merits and demerits. But I admit that all have specific purposes. I am assuring you that you could plot almost any type of plot in R. You don’t need to set limit on your imagination, when you’re plotting in R. Add n number of axis, fine tune any components, set colour as you wish. In this post I just want to give an exposure on R graphical systems. A detailed post on tutorial will come soon.

Basic plotting system

I must tell this system is the most used, flexible & sophisticated, and my favourite. However, this have more customisation options to plot your data, especially in decorations. When you are dealing with huge data, it will be a burden on you. But the fine tuning can be automated using smart coding, as this system supports R ‘s native control flow, it will better than other systems.


This one is the smartest way you can choose, when you have lots of data. It automatically sets the colours, shapes and nice system of palettes and ready-made colour bars. The annoying factor about it is to write lengthy codes. But it’s amazing to simply plot a bundle of data, in a row, with eye candy visualizations.



Image result for lattice plots
This system is the least one I used. It’s visuals seems like basic plot, but have the smart settings of ggplot like facet wrapping. Large data-sets can be easily structured in minimal effort. I tried with some 3D plots, without much customisation. In my opinion, it doesn’t have any special thing better than ggplot2 and basic plot.

Like I mention on intro para , all the three system have its own setbacks and advantages, and it matters on user level needs and flexibility. On the coming posts I will write more detailed applications of basic plot and ggplot systems.

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