Nowhere 2

This is the sequel to NOWHERE
It was early morning 5am. The vintage alarm timepiece at the bedside table of Yael Raziel’s room was sharp at its duty in waking up its master. The alarm resonated its sound all over the old cottage since he was the only human living there. Though he left his urban life, he still had the habit of waking up early as a routine.This early time helps him to continue his passion for writing.  This old family cottage was left by his grandparents in the countryside of Scotland. It has been his property since his parents died in an accident. His house was at one edge of that 50 acres land without any other houses and the neighboring landmark for his estate was a very old abandoned cemetery.

Every day, he felt his decision to leave the NewYork City and its reputed job; was right. For the next one hour, he was fully immersed in his world of characters from his new book. He was brought back to present day by the sniffing and wagging by Max, his border collie dog. Max needs his routine morning walk with Yael.


It was still foggy in the countryside. He latched the door and set out for the morning walk. On their walk through the woods, as usual, Max would always lead the way and Yael has to follow. They have reached the border of his estate with the cemetery. Max ran ahead and Yael couldn’t spot him since the fog still hadn’t completely drifted away. All of a sudden Yael found something unusual: the huge rustic iron gates of the old cemetery were wide open and he was sure about Max to run inside the cemetery.


PS: All the images obtained from the internet.

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