Letters in Fiction

Nowhere 3

You can read Nowhere 2


Yael could hear Max barking at a distance behind the trees but couldn’t see him. Yael had to struggle to make his way towards Max. He has been in the cemetery for the first time. It seemed very strange to be inside that forgotten world of sleeping souls. Yael found Max all alone near a moss-carpeted tombstone which was unusually huge and with Gaelic inscriptions on it. He didn’t know the Gaelic language since it wasn’t used anymore in the countryside for several hundred years.

Yael calmed down Max and he tried to get a closer look at the tombstone. He couldn’t find anything particular which could be provocative for Max. A quick breeze brought him the fragrance of fresh roses and it vanished with the breeze. He started walking through the trail towards the rustic old gate and could see the wide open gate at the distance. He could also see the empty mud road with no traces of any recent human/ vehicle intervention. Max darted ahead and stopped sniffing at the gate. He began to growl finding something outside at one corner of the gate. Yael hurried towards the spot and he couldn’t either contemplate what Max was barking at. Within a moment, he was sure that Max had found somebody there who was motionless: either unconscious or dead. Yael made one step closer and could see: it was a GIRL!



4 thoughts on “Nowhere 3”

  1. This is perfect suspense – thriller – mysterious science fiction story. It was such a page turner from very beginning. The story is terrifying because it play on ur fear of the dark and not being able to what might be coming for u. Photography used on the story take u to an virtual world

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