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A curious thought on creativity

This is my new life, or the life once I dreamt, but I don’t have that fascinating embarrassment. Now I am a registered PhD student in Cochin University. Between my dream and the present reality,  lot of things happened. I became a father, some of my unrealistic projects have been listened  as a marine biologist. I completed 170 days in sea(not a big deal when compared with my fellow colleagues)..and many more.. .The thing is,now I am returning to home: CUSAT. A place where we could smell the perfect blend of freedom and creativity. Especially, when recollecting my early routines that I have to be followed in CMLRE. This atmosphere is tempting me to read , write and feel more on the topic  that I have committed.

As by law or not, everything is not perfect. I realise that I hit the bottom of my purse, and this will be a warning for the coming days. Earlier eventhough I am tight on my schedules, but never run out of money….I found that money have a curious relationship with time.Here my observation on time and money found to be inversely proportional to creative time.

Creativity = Time/money

The fact is that when we have plenty of time, we will be in  shortage of money or vice versa and the one who contradicts this fact seems to be extremely lucky. So if you want more money, then reduce your spare time. On the other hand more time makes you extra creative. Studies shows that creative people earn satisfaction in their life which is more worthier than anything else on the entire globe .By the way if your creativity earns a livelihood,you are on the top of everything otherwise you end up with nothing. This is the problem that we are facing in India, our creative ideas doesn’t have funds. Another scenario is those who have both time and money may doesn’t have creativity, they are mostly engaged with stuffs, whats done by creative peoples. I would like to define this as a function not to balanced or an improper fraction.

Creativity = Time/money, where, Money/Time is not equal to one.

If it is one they never have creative thoughts, or creative peoples always needs more time than their money.




As a married researcher, I am afraid because I need money as well as time for my studies, paintings and I don’t want my time/money ratio is equal to one. But my current state is different I am filled with time, and great bliss of creativity. I am going to solve this equation by an effective usability by my time to money, but not be one, because I want to be creative. I already set my easel and everyday imaging some thing on my blank white canvas.


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