Letters in Fiction

Nowhere 4

Max wasn’t comfortable after detecting a stranger over the roadside. Yael instructed him to stay quiet. The early morning fog caused the earth to be more dampen and there laid a girl who seemed to be unconscious. She was a lean pale skinned and cold weather made her bluish veins more clearer over the skin. Her bare feet was moist muddled and her clothing seemed to be strange and unfamiliar to that local countryside. Max went sniffing over the girl’s leg. Her golden brownish hair strangled across the ground and partially over the face. He had so many questions about finding someone in that old abandoned cemetery. Yael regained his humanitarian notions and knelt down to call her.

“Hey, wake up. Are you okay? Hello, Miss…” he shook her shoulders and tried to wale her up. He found her pulse to be normal and he looked around. He couldn’t find any trace of anyone to seek advice or help. He lived in a place where phone services are yet to set up. The girl’s lack of regaining consciousness made him come to an immediate conclusion of what has to be done next. He adjusted his jacket and lifted her from the shabby ground. He walked hastily towards his cottage and as usual Max lead them on that muddy road to home.

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