Ecofriendly Bags



Bags: something inevitable in our daily life. We hold too many of them depending on our needs and style statements. Being a girl, I have literally run out of space for my wide variety of bags in my tiny room. In this post, I am expressing my major concern about plastic bags as we are very much aware of the hazards caused by plastic bags. I believe these images above could show you a glimpse of the huge disastrous menace caused by them. Yet most of the time, we have to purchase our groceries or anything from the shops in the plastic bags which are either provided or bought with additional charges. There are many shops which have now increased the charges on their branded shopping bags which are either paper bags or cloth or plastic bags. Some of us feel reminded of our guilt for forgetting to get/keep one of the numerous shopping bags which will be stocked in our residences. Now here I would like to point out two things: One is being a little more proactive by always keeping few shopping bags handy in your routine office bag, the dashboard of the car or in scooter can resolve the issue most of the times. The second thing is reusing such shopping bags which can reduce the consumption of plastic bags in our daily life. 


In case if you don’t have reusable bags, it would be really a good thought of buying few reusable cotton/ jute shopping bags. They are eco-friendly and can be used for a very long time. They are washable and it doesn’t require much space either. You can purchase some of them in different sizes. As part of my transition to better living, I started saying NO TO PLASTICS. For my daily office going, I purchased a cotton cloth bag. I am a Marine Biologist who loves to work for the conservation of oceans. I was happy to choose a black colored bag which was 100% organic cotton made with a colorful message of “SAVE OUR SEAS“. Many of my friends and colleagues asked about it. You can check the bag  EcoRight Women’s Reusable Cotton Canvas Ecofriendly Tote Bag (Black, 0202F01).


I am super happy with the bag and has been using it for last 4 months. It’s my main bag and for buying groceries I bought few colorful cotton tote bags made by women of rural North Karnataka (co-ordinated by Chaitanya Trust). They come in a set of 6 bags with thickest to thin cotton cloth range serving the different purpose. You can buy those beautiful bags Colourful Assorted Gift cum Shopping Bags- set of 6 (size 14″x16″).

Image from the for reference purpose.

Another common thing I have noticed is finding groceries packed and sold by the shop itself in plastic bags. If you can think to invest little time, it would always be good to buy grocery supplies monthly from any wholesale dealers in your nearby markets. If we have some produce bags, you can take it to shops and get the cereals, pulses, sugar etc packed in it. These can be emptied directly into their respective containers once you get back home. Its a very fast forwarded lifestyle we have, yet tiny little steps can be added to our routine and it will surely make a difference on a bigger perspective on a long term. These things are already in practice in several countries who are more concerned about sustainable living. I purchased a pack of 12 cotton drawstring bags from the same company of tote bags. They can be used as gift bags or as fridge bags too. It has a dimension of 8″ x 12″. They are off-white or cream colored and can be purchased Gift cum fridge bags set of 12: 8″x 10″ Kora cotton draw-string goody bags.


It is never late to think and take the decision to live consciously. It may seem to be returning to older methods. It was a bit tough to keep reminding myself to carry bag with me. Now when I go to fetch vegetables, the local women vendors became habitual to ask for my cloth bag. I feel so happy to see them honoring my choice to stay minimal to plastic usage. As I said earlier it will help in developing sustainable living and eco-friendly grocery shopping. Yes, It is but these are wise methods to live without causing or reducing the human impact on the planet 🙂


PS: Images related to plastics & ocean are taken from the internet and purely presented here for creating & spreading/sharing awareness to choose sustainable living. 

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