Letters in Fiction

Nowhere 5


You can read part 4 here

Yael laid the girl on the sofa next to the warm fire hearth and wrapped her in a blanket. He went upstairs changed his dress and gave the food for Max. He got back with a book and coffee in his hands. He settled down on the carpet more closer to the hearth. Max finished his breakfast and stretched next to his leg. They spent hours in the warmth and just with the crackling of firewoods. Max seemed to be more curious about the newcomer. Twice he went and sniffed her; who was still in deep sleep. It had started raining outside. By past twelve, the emptiness of stomach made Yael take a break from his book. He raised his eyes to see the girl and the light from the woods shined on her face. He had so many questions for her but patiently waited for her to wake up since he could feel the pale face of her’s needed good rest. 

He walked towards his rustic kitchen. His lone life in this countryside had made me learn cooking as well as to maintain a vegetable garden. He could find enough vegetables from his new found interest. He learned the art of preserving meat from Mrs. Abigail, his grant aunt who lives with her family at a distance of five miles from his home. From the beginning, when he had shifted to Scotland, Yael visited her every month’s last Sunday and spent the whole day with her. She was very affectionate about Yael and taught him the basics to store groceries and smoking meat. She gave him the seeds of some vegetable and inspired him to start his own little vegetable garden as a refreshing time whenever he isn’t working on his new book. She narrates him the folklore and stories of her young days with her sister and rest of the family. 

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