Sustainable Choices

I believe it’s all about a matter of CHOICE. I had a childhood when I used to brush/ clean my teeth with charcoal made at home from the husk of rice mixed with salt. With the blind perceptions about beings of civilizations, all of us shifted to kinds of toothpaste available as per the trend in the market. But there came a time when I decided to stop using menthol or fluoride kinds of toothpaste which came in attractive colors. I shifted to the Indian brands (almost 10years ago) which said “ to be ayurvedic” though it was completely faking the mankind hiding the chemical ingredients.

Now the basic question is why would I need to change the toothpaste? What is so important about just using any toothpaste for cleaning? Our consumeristic nature keeps us follow the adds forecasted by the celebrities and we are never bothered to read the chemical contents written over the product. If you are reading me now, please go and check the chemical contents of your toothpaste too. Some of you will come across the term “Sodium lauryl sulfate” which you will have seen as an ingredient in your shampoos, face washes & detergents. Shampoos are for external use and toothpaste too but the chances of ingesting them are likely more. This is just one example of the list of chemicals used in them. Most of the popular brands available in our market are loaded with too many chemicals. So technically we are kept blind and make us follow consumerism without letting us use our brain to differentiate between what is good and which one is detrimental.

But towards the end of 2017, my decision to sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle helped me start learning or to be precise remind me the facts of long lost/ forgotten ideologies of “BACK TO BASICS”. It wasn’t easy i have completely shifted, its a slow and effective learning process where we bring changes in all areas of our lifestyle for mind and body… I am a beginner but happy that I made a CHOICE to live a better life and this product was one of such choice🖤🌏 if you ask me why didn’t I made it myself though it’s so simple; I would say I will make my own once I am transformed but presently the availability of organic & pure raw materials and time & money is limited. Hence I am purely happy in supporting a brand which is so dearly made with lots of care, detailed study and love obviously🖤 sharing a product from the personal stock may not be acceptable to many out there. But I believe in sharing this image since I have personally used it from last few weeks.

I can find so many positive things when I got this product:

1. It comes in glass packaging so no use of plastic.

2. The quantity is enough for almost a year.

3. I can reuse the glass jar 😍😇

4. I don’t need to buy any more chemical toothpaste and thus stop throwing used plastic tubes of toothpaste.

5. No more chemical intake especially fluorides/chlorides in the name of brushing teeth.

6. All the ingredients are 100% natural and no problem due to its intake.

7. It came safely wrapped in plenty of old newspapers and with minimal plastic tape over the cardboard box.

The ingredients are in fact ayurvedic such as clove, turmeric, Himalayan rock salt, cinnamon powder, activated charcoal: all are edible & charcoal & cinnamon are detoxifiers. After reading this if anyone of you decides to bring a mindful change in your tiny little choice about toothpaste, I will be grateful.  This article is not about endorsing any particular brand. If you wish you can check for the available alternatives or if you wish to buy this particular brand you are free to follow/ check on the Instagram page RAWBEAUTY2018. Also, you can check this youtube video about the ingredients of toothpaste available in the market  10 Toothpastes in India Ranked from Worst to Best.

This video is just based on the ingredients listed over the plastic tubes. I would also be happy to know your views and suggestions too regarding this matter. It is all about making sustainable choices for a better tomorrow 🙂



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