Little Steps: Say NO to Microbeads ❌

Microbeads, some of you might be thinking what is the link between the little steps with microbeads. Now the first question is “What are microbeads?” They are tiny plastics usually found as tiny colorful beads of exfoliant in the face washes and face scrubs commonly available in the market. Yes, they are plastics! We have been regularly taking care of our face/skin by daily/weekly exfoliating regimes. We are too conscious of removing the dead cells but ignorant about the extreme process of playing our significant role in contributing to the tonnes of plastics disposed into our Ocean. This not only causes the decline of marine life but also cause the entry of several toxic chemicals into our food chain 🧟‍♀️This is the simplest way of explaining what they cause to us in long run. So what’s my point in stating these facts here? I have two major reasons to plead anyone who is reading this article to SAY NO hereafter about any product containing microbeads.

  1. Most of these products are heavily loaded with too many toxic chemicals ☠which will keep on making their use for your skin regimes. Don’t worry about if I stop using this how will I be able to continue my exfoliation regimes for face/body. There are way too many organic alternatives available right in your kitchen such as rice flour, powdered oats etc. They are 100% natural and chemical free, and thus you are aware of what you are applying on your skin. 
  2. By stop using these, you can reduce your plastic waste contributions to our environment, save money, free your skin from harsh chemical exposure and slowly start living a better guilt free eco-friendly lifestyle. Or you can shift to better alternatives which are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free brands. It may seem too expensive but the quality and quantity of products, as well as their results, are really appreciative.  

I have stopped using any products containing microbeads. Instead, I have chosen products which have oats/walnut powder which is natural exfoliants. I have also added some infographics on how microplastics affect our environment. Its the duty of each one of us to live our lives more consciously and keep our earth protected. Once you have read this please don’t keep quiet, do share this with your family and friends🌏



Image Courtesy: Pinterest (only meant for creating awareness to become eco-friendly living) 

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