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Pole Cluster : a unique diving site in Lakshadweep

I love to share some Diving sites, which got arrest my attention while diving. Like I tell you before Blue world is keeps surprised me in each dive.

So, let start with Pole Cluster, situated in East side of Agatti Island at Union Territory of Lakshadweep. The name of sites gives the hint of the nature of site. Thanks to Mr. Charan, he is the one who gives the apt and catchy name for the site. Yes, there is a story behind that. He was doing his Dive Master certification course PADI under Diving Instructor Mr. Sikandar, so the criteria need to fulfill the course need to find a new diving site.


On that searching, they ends up in Eastern Ship embarkation wharf. They both got lighten the bulb, did a diving there. 14-16 meter depth, rich life, clear visibility. Check suggested the name, ‘Pole Cluster‘.

DSCN1498 (2).JPG

Like I said before, the name was too apt, it’s just under the pillers of jetty, diving through the Cluster of pillers, Yaa like dancing through pillers. So Pole Cluster’.


When I did the first dive there, while descending upon curiosity I touch the pillers, the very next moment I felt that hundreds of needles pinching through me, it was stinging hydroids.

So I thought a lesson, before diving, a speedy looks in old marine biology book will help you, I for better smooth diving.