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Let go for a NIGHT Dive

When you get a chance to do SCUBA Diving, before entering in to water you may have definitely have several questions, confusions, fear and curiosity and most of these emotions will be at it’s peak. This heightened feelings could be more prominent for those who are afraid of water. But after the first dive, the whole tensions will get dissolved to thin air, and we will be eager to get the next dive. So for those who love or die for SCUBA Diving, I suggest to do NIGHT DIVE.

The marine life is so active in the night time; more colorful, beautiful, it’s a breath catching moment to watch.

Crawling with the animals will give you unmemorable moments.
Once you get a chance to descend into blue world at night time, you will want more and more.

Tips for Night Dive:

Pick a known diving site, so its easy for you to navigate because of the familiarity of the site.
•Keep the buddy and torch always with you.
•Calibrate the Dive signals, moving the light up and down for attracting the buddy attentions; waving from side to side shows something is wrong; waving the light in a circle is everything is fine; and even the making of a signal while holding the light towards your hand help  the to buddy and other divers can seen better.

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