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 The Amatuer Domain

Amateurs are usually  driven by passion and imagination, not theories or concepts. But like every academic and professional researchers, they have to be well organised and collaborated. But unfortunately most amateurs/tinkers are no t in an order, and found to be extreme introverts in nature. We could usually expect their table with cluttered wires and  shabby notes. But the thing is . . . .as for all creative needs, amateurs also requires a minimum requirement of organised platform to launch their innovations. Honestly ..I am telling this, from my own mistakes. As a family/social being sometimes it is difficult to manage your space in home, especially where there are children. The problem is,. . they are more curious than ours.



Create a space in your home

To be frank, me and my brother failed to do this several times. We just tried to create a workshop, with a custom made tool drawer. However it was a failure, not by workmanship, but due to interference. So when we  plan to create such space, be sure it is outside your    house, which is safe for  both sides. It is important to keep everything in safe(from fire etc) and locked. A detailed review on this section will follows on later.

A Farm house is better undercover

This is another best way to get things done, mostly when you are outside your comfort zone. For this approach, you could keep the tools/ accessories/devices in a concealed /camouflage setup  in a convenient way for make it more efficiently usable. You can simply executed this concept by keeping a disguise tool box or by crafting sleeves. A smart way is keeping everything in camouflage on different places, in which no one can find what you are upto. This is the way I am currently following on my lab and it is working fine. It is better to keep the change the place and settings every time.

To get things done in a more elegant way, you could keep a inventory list in PC or cell phone. This will help you in a long run, and reduce the chances to forgot.



Be Handy: Equip with multitools

stanleyUsing multi tools are the most flexible way, especially when you are in outdoors. There are myriad varieties available from Rs. 250 to Rs. 7000. Victorinox swiss Army knifes are  on the premium range, with lifetime warranty on blades. There are chinese alternatives, but not upto the quality from the premium options. I had a nice durable chinese knife: Rimei Multifunction Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistant Knife Set,  and a Stanley 1-84-519 12-In-1 Multi Tool , both serve me a lot of flexibility and convenience.


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