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Deeeeep DIVE

Deeeeep DIVE

This article is specially for those who want to know the feel the kick of boozing (I am talking about non-alcoholic persons 😄 including me off course 😇) & to continue smiling without any cause, is Do Deep Dive.

It’s dream come true for any diver or any non-diver to do the Deep Dive. When I was doing my Advanced Open Water SCUBA course (PADI) under Mr. Sikandar Hussain at Agatti Island, Lakshadweep waters, Deep water diving is part of that course.

During that course I did Night Dive, which I mentioned in my previous post, and Navigation Dive, Fish Identification, Bounency control, Fin Pivet, the next is Deep water dive, the best is for keeping the last. But at that time, I have an emergency came, so went back to Mainland for a short period. When I way back to Agatti Island by ship 🚢, my mind and whole body is so eagour to wait for to do Deep Dive. When I reached Agatti, my Instructor talled me to let do the dive in tomarrow early morning.

Started our journey in boat to the site, Mr. Sabu & Mr. Abu was the fellow Buddies. And one more guy Mr. Midhunsha Hussain, my fellow Blogger in PEPPRBOOK and the of founder of ECOSMITH (a platform for promoting Citizen Research) was also doing the dive, he was also doing the course. Like I talled you before Abu & Sabu was always best dearest Diving buddies. There are countless diving stories between us, that’s is in next time.

We reached the site, boat anchored ⚓ near the cliff, Abu stays in Boat for a Backup plan for us. Me, Midhunsha, Sabu and Instructor Sikandar descend into Blue water.

Already being confirming the Hand signals, instead of regular OK sign 👌, to way to more working the mind, brain and hands,(reminder we are going to deep dive) when Instructor shows the sign , we have add +5 to it & reply as ✋✌. Congrats you are still in control of your body 👏👏. So let’s continue the Dive.


This is the most important part, I love it. Because if some one is going to do Deep dive, the following words came to mind.

Nitrogen Narcosis/ Martini Effect/ Raptures of the Deep

So what it is actually?

: is a reversible alteration in consciousness that occurs while diving at depth. It is caused by the anesthetic effect of certain gases at high pressure.

So, it may cause,

“temporary loss of senses & movement “

Nitrogen narcosis makes you silly, then it makes you stupid.

  • your thinking process slows down
  • you lose multi tasking ability

Keep always in mind:

Like my Instructor always says,

Descend slowly & Ascend slightly

I am still remember, after that deep dive, when we bordered in boat, Midhunsha starts laughing 😁😀, don’t know exactly the reason 🙄🤔🤓. Because of his first deep dive excitement or the Martini kicks? 😇😊.

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