My journey towards sustainablility – 1


It wasn’t any random decision of mine to start being more sustainable. When I look back, I have traveled from a peak of consumeristic fast forward life to a slower basic consumeristic person in the last one year. I have been a hoarder for all my life that in the last 8 years of singular life made me possessed with a huge quantity of materials. This included books (I spent a major share of my scholarship), cosmetics (ufff….. too many that I can’t name), household utensils, articles of clothing (ethnic to western, shoes, bags etc). There comes a point when I could find myself surrounded by too many things all accumulated with dust and I kept on procrastinating the act of tidying. In real, I deep down I knew the truth and I was coward to face the reality hence applied the strategy of neglecting it. But how long can this persist? Even that had to end.  

bb971e5ecd2bbed6d9e009601939cf01A voice inside me was giving me the instinct notion to face it. Maybe its the conspiracy of the universe that I came across the KONMARI technique and happened to get in detail about it from the bestselling book “Life changing magic of tidying” written by Marie Kondo and also few of her interviews on YouTube. I was looking at myself and what mess I am literally in. This was in the middle of 2017. I needed to act. But from where do I begin? I decided to follow the book and started decluttering. Yeah, you read it right, DECLUTTERING.



Until you begin, you won’t realize how much clutter exists in your life and how laboriously & ruthlessly you have to act to get rid of the clutter. I started with my clothes. I had clothes filling the entire big cupboard and in few bags beneath my cot. I pulled out every bit of cloth from every place in my room and I was shocked to see the huge pile in front of my eyes.  

Clothes….Clothes & Clothes!



All the clothes I had bought in the last 8 years, some from the home, some from my sister, some don’t even fit me anymore in the last few years but still, I am keeping them. I am having an illusionary hope to get slim enough to get fit it into those clothes. While I knew the truth that I don’t even attempt to reduce my weight nor even feel attached to those dresses since my choices for clothing has changed over the years.  Several of my clothes were kept aside for their need for repair due to the research life I had been experimenting with how not to save my clothes from acid attacks. This left me with a pretty good bag with repair-needed clothes. They no longer serve me the purpose. If that was the case, why am I still having them in my cupboards and bags? I kept on holding them and occupying the major space in my wardrobe. Being an Indian woman, we have the entirely different dress codes for different occasions. This aspect really contributes to different outfits getting accommodated in the wardrobe some can only be worn for weddings while some only for formal functions/travelling wears/winter-summer-monsoon wears while another bag of comfortable daily wears. I guess this is more or less the same categorization for bags/shoes/cosmetics etc. We fail to sum up all these belongings to one single category and we have our own explanations too. No blame games.

At this point, I decided to stop being an impulsive shopper for clothes or to buy things for updating current fashion statements. Most of the clothes lying in front of me was a result of impulsive decisions and which lead to the act of causing dead money. Is that really what I wanted? No, not at all. I needed to do something. I began sorting my entire wardrobe from old to new, from jackets to handkerchiefs with the help of KONMARI technique. I decided to be ruthless and finally ended up getting rid of three big bags full of unwanted clothes. I spared some for give away for my siblings and kept few on checking level to see whether I will require them or not.


Once it was done, I came to a conclusion to stay more conscious and purchase clothes for wisely which will serve me purpose not just for once instead of several years as well as for replacing the older regularly needed ones. I won’t need or choose any onetime serving clothes or because for its lower price or offers running in the brand showrooms. This doesn’t mean that I completely stopped going to malls or purchasing clothes. I did get new ones but very few numbers that too for replacement. Now I keep asking more frequent about the need of an item and see whether there is an alternative with me already. This self-questioning practice has helped me in tremendously reducing the impulsive buying attempts.


PS: All the images are obtained from the Pinterest and are meant only to create awareness.

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