chronicles of Sci student

Researcher in the space ship

Welcome back to the chronicles, I know this is a very long time from my last post. I am so scared to say that I am out of time.

I don’t know what makes the time to deceives me on this extend.

I usually do think like I am in a spaceship, only my watch shows the time, which is from a different planet. And in our lab, we wondered each other that how fast the time was running.They usually tells, ” I don’t know how last two years gone, I didn’t even start the analysis”. I afraid to know that this happened for every one in our lab. If you are a researcher you might experience this relativity.

Astronaut Graffiti on Semi-Trailers

On my case, I found more reasons that I am in a spaceship. As a full time researcher, I need to focus more on my subject and done this stuff as soon as possible. Mostly my day starts after a breakfast from the mess and a call from my wife. The time lapses of the day are tightly correlated with food. I look on my watch on noon when I get hungry, usually with an exclamation!!!” Oh the food is over ther” And when it is over, my head hangs and sleepy b/w 3 to 4, or someone will call me for a tea. After returning, I continue in exploring on codes on my laptop or equations in the white board.

“Hey, is 7:30, are you coming”

This is the call for dinner. After dinner, there are some moments will come to relax. I have been at room, scrolling on my phone, probably I will call mom or she call to me. She herself told that it’s a ritual, but I can’t complete my 24 hrs without her call. Probably this is video call, and I could see all my family: mom, wife and my daughter.. Some times my brother. They are living in another planet, there problems are entirely different from me. They have plants to grow, movies to see and they are lucky to make their on foods.ย Here in this planet I found myself alone, but some other people might be here, but they are in other side. Here the problems are ice melting, global warming,.. . .etc.


I had only a faint idea, that I am in another space time. Since my wife told that I usually have a different subject to discuss, not like the normal people do. I just ask my fellow researcher, what normal people do. They told like “never ever talk science to your wife at home, whether she have a science background or not, the only thing she will get is you are nuts”.

Finally I got a conclusion, those who are up to something curious , usually lost time, they are in a different space- time. But I am lucky with my younger brother, a startup entrepreneur and physicist, who is another spaceship, occasionally we met the same space- time.

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