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Karuvannur River: Responding to tectonics

In most cases we don’t find scientific article about our local area and its phenomena, we always  moving around NASA and space. This news article is beautifully written about the research publication on Karuvannur river’s past tectonic activity and evolution…….

Most river basins in Kerala are very sinuous and have asymmetric basin characteristics. This behaviour of Kerala’s rivers indirectly indicates changes in the river and watershed as a whole, in response to neotectonic activities.

 Recently, scientists from the Geological Survey of India, the Central Ground Water Board, the Centre for Water Resources Development and Management and the Centre for Environment and Development examined the evolution of the Karuvannur river basin, in Kerala. The river supplies water and sediments to the Vembanad-Kol Ramsar site.

The scientists measured the parameters of the landforms in the basin to delineate the tectonic evolution of the area. The results show that the sub-watersheds have been influenced by tectonic activities.

Two of the sub watersheds are tilted in opposite directions. The scientists say that it may be the result of the reactivation of the Precambrian fault/lineament in the recent past. The hypothesis is also supported by recent tremors and neotectonic studies in Kerala. The scientists say that the rivers have an enormous capacity to absorb perturbation.

Such studies are essential foridentifying and measuring tectonic activities, sediment diffusion, and surfacerunoff in a drainage basin, and are an important for target-oriented micro-watershedmanagement.

Sileesh Mullasseri

The article and the journal is accessible through the following link

Image:Agith1112 ,wikimedia

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