We are an active group of researchers willing to offer real time services in Analytics in Science Research, Sociology and web Research. We are totally focused on open source concepts and systems to execute our ideas to work. We already  developed efficient methods  on R programming for Big data analysis and component analysis. The codes easily compatible with various remote sensing platforms such as OCM. Our expertise open source concepts doesn’t limited to R programming. We are involving with cutting edge technologies such as Arduino prototyping, Q-GIS geospatial Analysis and Fiji Image processing.


pet projects

Normally people say that if they have enough money, they may achieve something better. On the other hand, people those have money never think about any Ideas, they simply entertained as usual. Here we don’t think about Money, we hope it will come, but we invest a great amount of effort with most precious commodity, the time.  We are committed to grow with science and technology with working closure to develop strategies for scientific research, and make solutions to endure successful research.

Freelance Analytics & Open source Tech

Mostly researchers have to put tedious effort to get insights from data. Here we are giving our helping hand to do their data works with ease. We could provide a great deal on  R code snippets, analytic services(mostly fit your pocket), and great bunch of free services*. You could connect us(mishahu ecosmith) on upwork or have a deal on  here in Pepperbook!!. of-course  here you will definitely get  a discount of 10 %. If you want hourly works please stick on upwork.