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Normally people say that if they have enough money, they may achieve something better. On the other hand, people those have money never think about any Ideas, they simply entertained as usual. Here we don’t think about Money, we hope it will come, but we invest a great amount of effort with most precious commodity, the time.  We are committed to grow with science and technology with working closure to develop strategies for scientific research, and make solutions to endure successful research.

We used to believe that we are at the burning edge  of something more beautiful  and magnificent

We are focused to tackle big challenges in Data science, Sustainability and earth science research. We are building mutually beneficial collaborators  with innovative open source technologies  to develop high quality Research solutions that are easy to operate with existing open source programs.

R package for Bio-Argo Analysis

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Bio-Argo floats are emerging data acquisition technologies of observational oceanography. India have one of the great resources of BioArgo floats, but doesn’t have any dependable software or programs to effective analysis of BioArgo Data. Our main objective is developing  R packaging for  optimized functions for analytics, plotting, statistics and spatial analysis. You could follow the updates from our github page.