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Pepperbook have a collective enterprise of online classes organized by various experts in relevant fields. Our classes are operated on easily accessible Video chat protocols. We have experts in diverse field like R program, Image processing, Arduino and Geo-spatial analysis.


Prerequisites for this class

  • PC/Linux/Mac systems with internet speed not less than 80 MB it/s.
  • Skype/ Mconf
  • Proper audio(headset with microphones), video(webcam) accessories need to be attached.
  • Testing of your PC/Linux/Mac systems with mconf web conferencing system.
  • Prefer Firefox, when you are using Mconf.
  • You need to provide information on Video chat protocol on registration.
  • We will inform the access codes/links on your tickets.

Test your PC/Linux/Mac with mconf(Open source)

Before you start with our online class with mconf, you are requested to test your computer system with mconf web conferencing system. Th testing consists of two, three checks on audio-visual configurations on your system.


Download Skype for PC/Linux/Mac(Freemium)

If you are using skype, download the freemium version from the following link below, and setup yourself, before contacting us. Your access code will be  provided with your ticket. We are not responsible further glitches in between the classes.



Download SKype

Register mConf


Register Mconf