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Karuvannur River: Responding to tectonics

In most cases we don't find scientific article about our local area and its phenomena, we always  moving around NASA and space. This news article is beautifully written about the research publication on Karuvannur river's past tectonic activity and evolution....... Most river basins in Kerala are very sinuous and have asymmetric basin characteristics. This behaviour… Continue reading Karuvannur River: Responding to tectonics

chronicles of Sci student

Why you became an amatuer researcher than professional?

Fear and curiosity are two sides of a coin. Those who have the courage and intelligence/passion could tackle it efficiently. Like my childhood, everyone was born with curiosity, but they lost it eventually by time.i e, children  are born as creative minds. it is all by our fear of failure. This makes our quest of knowledge is usually end up on google/readymade answers, rather than doing it their on way. This is a total disaster and the complete lost of new findings. There is an urging need to restore such passions, because amateurs had a golden history of innovation.