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Karuvannur River: Responding to tectonics

In most cases we don't find scientific article about our local area and its phenomena, we always  moving around NASA and space. This news article is beautifully written about the research publication on Karuvannur river's past tectonic activity and evolution....... Most river basins in Kerala are very sinuous and have asymmetric basin characteristics. This behaviour… Continue reading Karuvannur River: Responding to tectonics

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Add tech to your research

Being a researcher, we have to strive ahead with technology to ease our studies. As a science student/researcher we all are aware about latest tech revolutions, but we have a habit of focusing on what matters to us. The best part of it is we could make a great deal of pleasure and enjoyable working… Continue reading Add tech to your research

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How to accelerate your research using R

Learning R for your research have same effect, it will sharpen your skills. From my own experience, I done my six month estimated data analysis within 6 hours. Most people thinks that R is just a program for statistical analysis. I must tell that, It is the bare minimum knowledge of R they have. In this post, I am trying to tell the possibilities of R. Whatever your research is, or what kind of data you are dealing with, R is the solution.

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Why AI can’t takeover the world ?

  We are living in a society, where people are fascinated on fiction, especially the science fiction. And you could see that  it might be mostly on AI(Artificial Intelligence), there are plenty of movies on this concept, in which robots or controlling systems that take over the world (terminator/skynet systems, I robot, .......... there are "n" number… Continue reading Why AI can’t takeover the world ?