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 We are from ecosmith and we are ecosmiths

Pepperbook is an online magazine realized by flock of Ecosmiths. Ecosmith is an organization intended to reinforces conservation strategies. Our main objective is, to enable citizen research by utilizing the diverse knowledge niches of ecological sciences through writings and analytics. We are very enthusiastic to support amateur/academic researchers in environmental subjects,who wants to promotes wellness and happiness for their society by sustainable development concepts. That is why our blog contents usually focused on tinkering, research analytics, environmental issues, social progress etc. our passionate team also deliver analytic services for academic/amateur research.

Every member in the organization is named as ecosmith

*Ecosmith: A person who works on ecological sciences by research
 or academia or engineering for the benevolence of the environment 
by utilizing the capabilities of modern hard wares and data analytics 
with the power of open source.

Core contributors

Basically we are thalassophilic  peoples, spent most of the time with research, field trips or coding. Mostly we are out of stations, but where ever be .. . . . .we are framing concepts for pepperbook. Our writings are always stick on the core topics such as diving, open source science and Field trips.


Mishahu ecosmith



A student in science, fascinated in Philosophy, Maths and Painting. My writings are focused on promoting open source technologies for better research and want to make a knowledge inventory to accelerate amateur Science research.

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Elaine ecosmith

elaine ecosmith

Dreaming to be a marine conservation biologist. Hold passion for books and to write on random sparks which could result in essay, poetry or fiction. Love movies and music. I believe in finding peace with oneself and always have gratitude for all what you have got 😊☺.

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Sibi ecosmith

sibi ecosmithAbout myself’ ? that’s the most mysterious riddle i have faced in all time. ” I am, what i am ” . sometimes that answer is not fullfill the questioners thirst. When i started writing, the dramatics just went peak. Well, i am a PhD student, SCUBA Diver, Dreamer, Marine Researcher, passionate about writing. My work is related to Marine Ecology, Coral Reef Ecosystem.

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