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We are not going to promise that you are delighted with our writings, instead we definitely make you awe. But not like you think, we could make you more real, out of illusions. We think that reality is the one thing, which is so fictional now a days. So what is real? And what is fiction ?. We are trying to elucidate this enigma in different ways and we found that reality is something we need to attain. Previously, some curious explorers found  that imagination is the only thing which block reality. Here we are trying to cross the narrow line between imagination and reality or how you really imagine the reality. Maybe we are weirdos, do things with a certain extent of oddity. By profession we are researchers in science, but sometimes we will apprise you with a poetry, or sometimes with twisted wires of Arduino or with a travelogue of best diving sites in Laccadive Archipelago, or may with special theory of relativity but we would like to introduce this space as a one stop shack to relax, write the thoughts on absolute and fine knowledge in science and art.



This is our common pooled category, where we write most of the sustainable thoughts, practices and green technologies. This is our common catagory


rana.jpgThis section is maintained by @mishahu77. This is specially for R program beginners and R enthusiasts. A wide variant of analytics and its tutorials are available, especially for ecologists, and earth scientists.



A great section for SCUBA divers, underwater ecologist and Mariculture practices maintained by @sibiecosmith. That is why his  posts are always in blue.


We have a storyteller @elaine ecosmith, and some times we too. These are usually small bits of paras which paints vivd characters and circumstances. We assure you, you will definitely end up in  a peaceful dejavu.


This is more like a diary log, but not in a regular way…. This is managed by @mishahu77 Anything you could expect from these category. From Algae to Aliens, we could share.


These section deals with Open source hardware such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Other available Tech for Amateur science enthusiasts and Geeks,