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ECO Dives

I just bought you all to the world of nature with beholds the beauty for all.. Let enjoy.. Explore.When we thinks only about the existence of our-selfit clearly denies the right to live of our fellow being, not restricted to the two walked talked animals also to the micro to gigantic organism

R analytics

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
― Abraham Lincoln
Learning R for your research have same effect, it will sharpen your skills.

Chronicles of Sci student

This may look like a scribbling diary but. . . This is all about a typical researchers life. In this category, the outlook of common science misconception and its socio-economic relevance are channeled through the eye of a researcher. How there research life is contradictory to the real life?, Is it possible a single life… Continue reading Chronicles of Sci student

Letters in Fiction

I hold a deep passion for our mother earth as well as a personal passion towards literature. From the childhood, I was blessed to have access to books which nurtured a reading habit in me. In reading, with time quantity was overtaken by the quality and silly romance fictions were overruled by classics, travelogues, children’s… Continue reading Letters in Fiction