Sustainability Notes at Work

I have been a marine science research profession and time has made me realize more on what I received from Nature and what I am returning back to her. This made me uproot many stigmas in my personal habits. I wanted to share my perspectives while I am undergoing a change towards a better living form.

Other than fiction, I started to pen down my little steps of transformation from an ignorant harmful human to a humble eco-friendly living being who seeks to live in more harmony with nature by trying to minimize my carbon footprint in as many ways as possible. I started posting my write-ups and infographic images I came across on the internet under the category “E for Earth”.

I hold a deep passion for our mother earth as well as a personal passion towards literature. From the childhood, I was blessed to have access to books which nurtured a reading habit in me. In reading, with time quantity was overtaken by the quality and silly romance fictions were overruled by classics, travelogues, children’s fiction, memoirs, essays, biographies and much more from the nonfictional background. The childhood spent in an unpolluted village has always kept the nostalgic spirit awaken and hence that helped me in attempting fictional write-ups. To hold on to that I began my first blog ““. I am grateful to be part of PEPPERBOOK as a co-author where I hold a writing space for my fictional attempts in “Letters of Fiction”.