Get done your analytics in time

 we are researchers, coding for researchers.

Mostly researchers have to put tedious effort to get insights from data. Here we are giving our helping hand to do their data works with ease. We could provide a great deal on  R code snippets, analytic services(mostly fit your pocket), and great bunch of free services.

Our current services are focused on

Data analytics

  • Data structuring ,
  • statistics,
  • modeling,
  • Simulations


Geospatial analysis

  • raster(pixel) statistics.
  • bathymetry,
  • topography.
  • mapping

Image processing

  • photomicrography
  • batch image editing
  • shape analysis.
  • Feature extraction



 we could satisfy your curious needs in Analytics

we would like to take challenges that touch our curiosity. R is a multi tool that we could chisel it for your tailored needs in analysis like a custom package for your work domain or to develop a rare statistical tool, which never found elsewhere.