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Let’s go for Cowry& Octopus

When the low tide time comes in the Lakshadweep Islands, during the lunar period, it's islanders especially women's time has comes out, from their house to explore the sea shore. Normally Lakshadweep womens prefer or restricted  to stay on their home territory. This is the time where, they are cones out, mainly for collecting "Cowry… Continue reading Let’s go for Cowry& Octopus

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My first experience in LINUX

Let me brief my experience in Linux to you all, basically I was a civil engineering graduate who uses computer professionally to work on CADD, STADD and for simple programming and as a leisure time tool for gaming, watching movies and for internet browsing. As an ordinary person i use windows as my platform from… Continue reading My first experience in LINUX

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How to accelerate your research using R

Learning R for your research have same effect, it will sharpen your skills. From my own experience, I done my six month estimated data analysis within 6 hours. Most people thinks that R is just a program for statistical analysis. I must tell that, It is the bare minimum knowledge of R they have. In this post, I am trying to tell the possibilities of R. Whatever your research is, or what kind of data you are dealing with, R is the solution.