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We know what our fellows really want, we must be with you to cross the mountains of statistical dilemma, we do have the essential codes in our backpack which aid you all the way in your research journey. Generally research needs tedious effort to get insights from data. Here we are giving our helping hand to do your data works with ease. We could provide a great deal on  R code snippets, analytic services(mostly fit your pocket), and great bunch of free services. we are Researchers, coding for Researchers. Have a look to our github repository.

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We are committed to grow with scientific research, closure to our fellows to develop strategies for scientific research, and make solutions to their endower successfully. Your goals are important to us, we work with you to create the perfect insights from every research. Our current services are focused on Data structuring , statistics, modeling, shape analysis , raster(pixel) statistics(remote sensing data) and geospatial analysis(bathymetry, topography and mapping). We hope these analytics are essential needs for a researcher. Beyond this we also develop R codes for batch image editing, and photomicrography solutions for taxonomists(morphometry analysis).

 Let’s check on what our premium services can do

statis     Numerical models raster   Raster computations
shape          Shape Analysis   geospatial    Geospatial Analysis 


we could satisfy your curious needs in Analytics


Beyond the above explained services, we would like to take challenges that touch our curiosity. R is a multi tool that we could chisel it for your tailored needs in analysis like a custom package for your work domain or to develop a rare statistical tool, which never found elsewhere.To get those things done, please follow and check out the custom order in fiverr.

Our connectivity

We make use of various services to match our fellows needs. However we have some constraints to do everything at one place. But the third party services we choose are best in class, which enhance your security and efficiency. We are connected to slack for instant messaging and collaboration[You could access this for instant solutions in R]. Payment and service managements were maintained by fiverr, which is a global leader in freelancing. Our digital products will be on Gum roads. Beyond all these services you can connect us on facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram.